Millthorpe Children’s Garden provides a nurturing and warm environment for children zero to six years of age in home-like surroundings from 8am to 6pm with an wholistic program that encompasses the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of all children.

  • A beautiful and natural environment for your child to socialize, gain pre-school skills and be nurtured by experienced and university trained staff.

  • Millthorpe Children’s Garden is a unique child care facility offering  a gentle Steiner program, the only Rudolf Steiner inspired childcare centre in the Millthorpe, Orange, Blayney & Bathurst areas of the Central West.

  • Freshly cooked traditional and nutritious meals everyday.

  • Quality early childhood education offering creative play, storytelling, singing, gardening, painting and meaningful handcrafts and activities.

  • We have qualified to be classified as a Sun Smart Centre and have a strict sun protection policy.

Millthorpe child care
Millthorpe child care
Millthorpe child care
A Unique Child Care Centre Comes of Age
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